the end

About me

At 60 plus, I am entering a new stage of my life. One in which what I am defined less by what I have done it the past or what my future might be than by my age. I have reached an age where it appears that my future is limited, and the opportunities almost non-existent. For the rest of the world I may as well have been born with grey hair and sore bones – the past which defines me seems to have been lost along the way. It would seem I have no future.

In the past I worked for a large chemicals company as Organisational Development Manager EMEA in the Netherlands, and Lead Change Manager and Head of HR for a life sciences company in South Africa. I have also been Head of Learning Benelux for a personal development company. My work has taken me to all four corners of the earth. For a while I have worked as a free lance trainer and I ran a discussion forum dedicated to the work of Carl Jung. I have also studied, written a book, published articles. I have three grown up children and two wonderful granddaughters. Now I am winding down.

If you think that makes me unhappy, think again.

In terms of being the change that you want to be, I have decided to do something completely different. An activity where age doesn’t play a role, where I can still have a great deal of joy interacting with my fellow human beings, where I can feel the weather and where people are invariably happy with what I have to offer. I sell tea!

Oh, and every now and then I still facilitate workshops: something I do with great pleasure in the company of friends. 🙂